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Ab To Path Yahi Hai - Kavi Dushyant Kumar

ज़िन्दगी ने कर लिया स्वीकार,
अब तो पथ यही है l

अब उभरते ज्वार का आवेग मंध्दिम हो चला है,
एक हल्का सा धुंधलका था कही, कम हो चला है,
यह शिला पिघले न पिघले, रास्ता नम हो चला है,
क्यों करूं आकाश की मनुहार,
अब तो पथ यही है l

क्या भरोसा, कांच का घट है, किसी दिन फूट जाए,
एक मामूली कहानी है, अधूरी छूट जाए,
एक समझौता हुआ था रोशनी से, टूट जाए,
आज हर नक्षत्र है अनुदार,
अब तो पथ यही है l

यह लड़ाई, जो कि अपने आप से मैंने लड़ी है,
यह घुटन, यह यातना, केवल किताबों में पढ़ी है, 
यह पहाड़ी पाँव क्या चढ़ते, इरादों से चढ़ी है,
कल दरीचे ही बनेंगे द्वार, 
अब तो पथ यही है l 

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Gorbandh - Rajasthani Folk song by Bundu Khan Langa

Its another beautiful song from the heart of Rajasthani culture...."Gorbandh"

'Gorbandh' is an ornamental peice made by beads and shells for camel's decorations. Bundu khan, one of the best singer belongs to traditional folk singing group of Sarangiya Langa, who lived in western part of Rajasthan. 

As I born and grown up here in Rajasthan, so I have a special attraction towords its cultural and traditional way of life and thats why I am sharing most of my favorites from this very beautiful part of India called "Rajasthan"...

And I am really thankful to you my friends who giving my blog more than 500 visit a day daily....keep visiting and keep sharing your Love for the traditions and culture of Rajasthan and India...

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Rajasthani Folk Song - Daru Dakha Ro.....

Here it is, One of the Most Beautiful song on "Sharab" ( Liquor ).

The beauty of this song is that the wife is telling to the Kalali ( Bar-Tender ) to serve the Liquor made with Grapes to her husband and telling her that her husband has a golden heart, so precious for her.

So enjoy the song and let me know that you like it or not....

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Nimbuda Nimbuda Nimbuda - Rajasthani Traditional Folk

Again I am here with another beautiful folk song from the very beautiful Rajasthan.

Nimbuda Nimbuda is a traditional rajasthani folk song sang by "Kohinoor of India" Bundu Khan Langa. In this song you will enjoy the beautiful voice of Bundu Khan Langa and also the amazing Beats of Khartaal, an music instrument made with two stones or wood parts.

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Loni Andaata Manuhaar Ro Pyalo - Traditional Rajasthani Folk Song

Loni Andaata Manuhaar Ro Pyalo is a Traditional Rajasthani Folk Song related with Drinks. This song is sang by the traditional folk singers when a group of their Masters who invited them for the party, sit to drink and the rule is that Nobody can Leave the group before everybody completed and the other rule is that you have to drink your drink every time when its get offered to the group, you can't deny.

So after this small details which I have about this song, i think you love to listen this song.

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