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Aapas Ki Baat

Hi Everyone

Thanks to all of you my blog viewers, its you all because of them my blog jump of 3800000 (38 Lac) rating points and this jump is in just 5 days.

Now my blog is in top 29 lac sites and in india its in top 90,000.

This my 10th blog and i am really very surprised and thankful to you all who spend there precious time to read and watch my blogs.I wish that i will receive your interest for my blogs in the future too.

I hope because of your efforts my blog will be in Top 10 Lac sites in next 5 days.I wanna say something for all of you my dear friends, these are my own words.

Ki :-

Tumne Jo Saath Diya, To Rahguzar Ban Gayi Humsafar Meri,
Mukaam Aur Bhi Paane Ke Liye, Bas Dekhne Ko Chahiye Nazar Teri.

I am not a Poet or a Shayar but I hope you will like it.

In the end Its a request to you all, Please keep reading and watching my blogs.Thanks once again.

Be Happy, Make Happy.....